Smart Building Infrastructure


Smart Building Infrastructure


Electrical appliances and elevators in the office space operate continuously with the help of the central generator. The system steps in automatically in case of electricity shortages.

  • Building surrounding, entrance and common spaces, halls and the parking lot is monitored by a closed circuit camera system.
  • An Access controlled pass system is used on external entrance, parking lot, the main lobby and office floors.
  • Indoors parking lot has a gas detection and alarm system.
  • The whole building has a fire detection and alarm system.
  • Office floor corridors and the parking lot has an emergency announcement system.

Clean air of sufficient volume is provided to office spaces and common spaces by ventilation automation controlled by fully automatic control system. Clean air can be cooled or heated based on climate conditions.

Heating Cooling

Independent office spaces of Flatofis can be heated or cooled to desired temperature using air conditioning automation controlled by automatic control system. This systems allow an area to be heated while another is being cooled.