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Touching lives since 1974...

One of Turkey's most established construction and real estate companies, Sinpaş Holding was founded in Ankara in 1974. One of the leaders of the sector today with its 41 years of expertise and experience, Sinpaş moved its Headquarters to İstanbul in 1986 in order to improve its activities.

Sinpaş Construction became prominent in development of brand housing projects in the last 10 years during which Turkey has enjoyed a steady growth and the company is focused on construction of housing projects, and development and rental of real estate projects since 2007. The Sinpaş brand leads the way in development of quality housing projects and living spaces and represents reliability, leadership, originality and innovation in the sector.

Led by its vision of developing qualified living spaces that are in harmony with nature and add value to its area and commercial real estate projects that will add value to the business world, Sinpaş Construction has accomplished many projects in many locations such as Marenegro, Sealybria, Aqua City, İstanbul Palace, Boğaztepe, Central Life, Flatofis, Deposite AVM, İş Modern Center of Commerce and Logistics, Kelebekia, Kelebekia Premium.

Sinpaş Construction develops living projects with various themes in all corners of our country, meanwhile prioritizing water and the plant life based on its respect to the nature. Sinpaş Construction continues to add value to areas with new projects in İstanbul, Ankara, Gaziantep and Denizli still in construction.

Situated in Sultanbeyli that is among soaring areas of Anatolia Side of İstanbul, Liva Turkuaz project, Hobby Academy adds value to the area with its landscape which merges green with blue and many social opportunities it provides. Liva Turkuaz includes 823 houses with a total of 17 thousand 600 square meters of green area and a 4.700 square meters aerated lagoon. Life in Liva Turkuaz has begun in September 2013 with delivery of first phase houses.

In 2012, Sinpaş Construction has begun the sales of Altınoran, the biggest themed living project of Turkey, situated in Ankara. Built on a 1 million 850 thousand square meters of land and will be including 2 thousand 647 houses when all phases are completed, Altınoran will become the new living center of the capital with Cumhuriyet Square surrounded by towers, a water show area, shopping areas, Starium Mall, the sports complex Sports International within the mall and Ski Valley that will offer the joy of skiing to Ankara residents throughout the year. Life in Altınoran has started in October 2014 with delivery of first phase houses.

Launched by Sinpaş Construction in 2014, Köyceğiz boutique housing project with 291 houses in Sancaktepe, İstanbul has attracted all attention with the natural living opportunities and the natural life concept built around a natural lagoon that offers a peaceful holiday town atmosphere.

With its sales also beginning in 2014 in Denizli, AquaCity, the largest living project with the Aegean Region theme, has many firsts including a beach formed by sand shipped from the Maldives for the Aegean Region and Denizli and offers Denizli residents a different way of living in harmony with water and the plant life.

Considered as the largest investment in Southeastern Anatolia Region since GAP and arising from the city of Gaziantep, the giant project Antepia with 3 thousand 470 houses with many firsts also includes the world's largest natural lagoon that will bring sea living to Gaziantep.

With the goal of offering quality living spaces and improved social opportunities in all of its projects, Sinpaş Construction, continues to carry its 41 year expertise from the past to the future...